Root canal; just saying the term can bring a toothache and fears of the dentist rushing forward. Also known as endodontic therapy, a root canal will not be put on an appointment schedule for you without a few diagnostics. One may ask, “How do I know that I will need/not need a root canal?” With some collected data and insight on the patient, the dentist can answer that for the best interest of all parties involved.

The dentist starts by quizzing you about your symptoms. Some of the most common root canal vilifiers are soreness of the gums and teeth, swelling, and redness. The root canal is very patient oriented, as a root canal is usually there to help a very specific issue and also give preventative measures for future gum and mouth pain. For some, the pain may be striated, for some it may last for hours. Pain can lessen and intensify according to posture too (sitting down, standing up, etc). Root canals are often given in places like Mexico, where Mexican dentists and dentists specifically from Tijuana charge up to 10 times less than the average American dentist. The best Tijuana dentists also make things such as root canals available to tourists and visitors, because their prices are so competitive when compared to a global scale.

So back to the troubleshooting of “How do I know that I may need a root canal?”, the dentist usually puts into play some general check-up procedures that also help in identifying the need for a root canal. Percussion testing is a routine procedure for this; where the dentist taps a dental tool on individual teeth looking for irritated teeth. There is also a dental tool that uses thermal testing. By making the tooth cold and hot, the status of the tooth’s nerve can be revealed, giving major insight into the possibility of needing a root canal.

So we can see that it is vital to have a dentist at Dr. Mexico look at your status to determine if a root canal is best for you. This leapfrogs me into the next part of understanding root canals: do not make assumptions! It is very important to stray away from making a self-diagnosis when concerning teeth pain. Websites and forums are not nearly as credible as an actual dentist, and going in for a routine checkup may be the difference in making or breaking a root canal appointment. It is also important to do what makes sense: and by this I mean exactly as I say. Do not drink hot liquids if it is causing pain, or eat icy cold foods if it does so too. It is not normal for our teeth to be in pain or ache, and aggravating that pain only brings the treachery of a root canal closer! Through healthy brushing and flossing, and good diet, the teeth are meant to outlast everything else. It is important to keep them clean and happy or you may find yourself in Tijuana, Mexico, getting a root canal from a Tijuana dentist.