Have you had any dental problems? Perhaps you are not satisfied with the appearance of some of them, or you are concerned about the weakness of the tooth. There are several options available and Dental is a dental crown. This is a small tooth-shaped cap that fits over a tooth from the gum to the end.

These dental crowns Tijuana can be made of different materials. One of the first options is metal. They are composed of a metal alloy and get many benefits. Metal requires less tooth structure is removed and resists to the daily demands of your mouth better than some other materials. One drawback is the color of the metal. Many people do not want colored metal in the mouth. Another option is to have metal-ceramic. This offers some advantages of the metal while providing the opportunity to match the color of your teeth and others. Although these wear out faster, is a good choice.

Some other options are the dental crowns of plastic, ceramic or all porcelain. Plastic Ones tend to be less expensive, but also tired more quickly than other materials. Tayskeraamisista options and all-porcelain can be one color and are a great option for people, allergies to metal. However, these are easily broken and may cause some general wear and tear on the surrounding teeth.

When it comes to material options, the dentist, it’s time to get the crown to use. You have an appointment with a dentist prepared the new addition of the tooth. It has a file or builds (if extensive decomposition) the tooth so I can put it on top. Then there is some pasty substance from around the tooth so the crown can be done. Next, you’ll be a temporary solution while a permanent has been produced.

When the permanent dental crowns, the dentist will make sure it fits well and use dental cement glue in place. It important to remember to take good care of teeth, because they are still sensitive issues, such as gum disease. These usually last from five to fifteen years depending on the implementation of oral hygiene and wear you put on your teeth.

Regardless of which option to fetch the dental crown can protect and improve the appearance of your teeth at the same time. They are sure to give more comfort and safety.