Do I have tooth decay or tooth sensitivity? Do my gums bleed in response to gingivitis or do I simply brush too hard? These doubts, which occur when the symptoms between one condition and another are similar, can disconcert us when identifying our condition and, consequently, not to initiate the appropriate treatment.

The following are keys given by a Tijuana dentist to identify what is the origin of our symptoms in case of doubt.

Dental sensitivity or caries?
This is one of the great doubts that often come to the consultation. When the patient consumes cold drinks or very sugary foods, he can feel a sharp pain in the teeth and translate it directly with a decay. However, on many occasions, it is a symptom of tooth sensitivity. Unlike decay, it is due to chemical or erosive factors such as whitening toothpastes, poor whitening treatments performed at home or over-consumption of acidic beverages. The difference between both lies in the area of ??pain. “When we talk about tooth sensitivity, pain usually occurs in a generalized manner or in a specific area, while pain from caries is focused on a tooth or tooth. The differential diagnosis is important because it involves a different treatment. ”

Gingivitis or aggressive brushing?
Many people also go to the dentist for a problem with bleeding gums. According to Dr. Moya, many patients usually identify it directly as a symptom of gingivitis, an infection created by bacteria in our gums that causes them to swell, bleed and change color. However, on many occasions this bleeding is only due to too aggressive brushing. “The difference lies in the type of bleeding: when it is spontaneous or by brushing excessively strong the color of the gum is more pink and there is no inflammation; while in cases of periodontal disease the gum is thickened and inflamed as well as having a redder color ”

External spots on teeth or cavities?
This unsightly problem is quite common, as is the confusion that usually arises when determining the origin of the problem. Although a priori it can be related to the presence of dental caries due to its similar appearance, in many occasions they are spots produced by the abuse of coffee and tobacco together with poor dental hygiene. They should not be treated lightly, as they can be the first stage of a larger problem. “Stains from tobacco or coffee are more extensive and visible, while those caused by caries are located at one point. The ideal in these cases is to go to the dentist to get rid of doubts and obtain an accurate diagnosis to see if it is advisable to do a prophylaxis and / or oral cleaning “